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    Not that I know of just rem u to b @ the airport 2 hr in advance can get busy. almost 8 years ago

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    Depends on time of day. Do you speak spanish? Airport is not close to downtown, and traffic can be a bear.

    Also, you will have to probably pay the tourism tax if you leave and re enter the airport.

    That said, if you are dying to do something, grab a cab to the Mercado de Artesania in downtown, then walk towards Mercado Central, about a mile...grab a cafe on the way or eat street food. From there, you can get a cheap bus back to airport, or a $15 cab.

    Gritty, memorable, can barely fit in 5 hrs and be enjoyed.

    Sorry, no formal tour.

    Just to get out of the airport, take a cab to downtown Alajuela or Herredia and get a licuado (milkshake/smoothie). about 7 years ago

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